Teaching staff guide: Swivl

Please note: some resources are only available to Northern Sydney TAFE teachers.

What is a Swivl? Why use it?

The SWIVL robot works with your mobile device, phone or tablet, to track and record video as you move around the room.              

Some uses include:       

  • Record a class or presentation. Flip your classroom so students can watch the lesson at home, leaving you to focus on deeper learning during class time. You can also play the video during class, allowing you time to check and help students in the classroom.  
  • Group work. Set it up to record students doing group work. Pass the marker around the group to have the device record the conversation.        
  • Classroom capture made easy. Instead of focusing the camera in one place, you can attach the marker to the lanyard, put the lanyard on, and walk around while still recording clear audio and video. This has proved to work well for capturing workshop or practical demonstrations.
  • Present with slides. By using the Swivl Capture app, you can record your own presentation while presenting with slides on your mobile device. This can be pre-recorded as a presentation and shared with students.

Exclusive to the Gen 3 model at St Leonards:

Update your pre 2018 Swivl app to use these features.

  • Broadcast your voice everywhere and listen to your students from across the room.
  • Live Stream by using the Swivl in conjunction with a video streaming app to broadcast remotely and allow off site students to participate in class

View an introduction to using the Swivl, recorded on our Gen 3 unit. Extra audio markers in the room pick up student questions.

Read the article Swivl is changing teaching and learning to get an overview.

Setting up

Read the Swivl quick guide and the user manual to check requirements.

Consider the WH&S risks and complete the WH&S assessment form

Read the Getting authority to publish guide and print off the authority to publish forms for groups or individuals

Print out the recording poster and display it prominently in the area where you are filming

Further support and information

Book the Swivl at your campus library

Northern Sydney has 4 Gen 2 Swivl robots available for teaching staff loan. These units are located at Hornsby, Meadowbank, Ryde and St Leonards, but can be borrowed by all NS teaching staff. A Gen 3 model is available at St Leonards. The Gen 3 model has 4 extra audio markers to capture multiple group conversations. Consider also borrowing a tripod to broaden your Swivl location set up options. You will need to provide your own tablet/smart phone as the recording device.

Contact your local NS Library to organise a booking.

Bookings will be for an initial period of a month, but may be reduced or extended depending on your usage and other demand.

Library staff will also put first time borrowers through a short induction session.

Please note the conditions of borrowing:

Contact campus libraries to book Swivl:

  • Hornsby 9472 1258
  • Meadowbank 9942 3720
  • Ryde 9448 6326
  • St Leonards 9942 0918

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