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Use content in your LMS

Benefits of using in your LMS:
  • Perfect for a flipped classroom approach
  • Individual account access - students can return to where they left off in the course
  • Students can keep track of progress and print out certificates of completion
  • You can link to courses or individual video segments
  • Embed videos into your LMS
  • Create and share playlists
  • Exercise files, transcripts and closed captions are available
  • Students can slow down or speed up the presentations

Find out more at the Searching and features page.

Copyright is a TAFE NSW subscription database for the use of current students and staff only. Content cannot be copied or recorded.

Links to courses and segments are available to TAFE NSW students and staff only. People outside our organisation will not be able to access the content.

Embedded video content (no sign in) can be viewed by anyone without logging in. Care should be taken to only allow minimal “taster” content to be embedded on public facing sites, or in emails etc. Alternatively you can use the secure sign in linked method for public facing sites etc.

Support for staff

Contact your Lynda Regional Staff Support Team for account and other issues.

Your local campus library can also help with navigation and minor technical issues.
You can also log a ServiceNow call.(Staff only).

All staff are welcome to join the User Group where you can network, collaborate and share experiences with your colleagues.

Library staff are also available to run training sessions for you and your students.

Using in teaching is a powerful tool in the classroom. It can supplement teaching and allow students to explore concepts at their own pace. It integrates seamlessly with our learning management systems.

This video from's Education + Elearning team, covers the best practices for teaching with Topics include maximising teaching time by integrating with a flipped classroom, creating a culture of learning, and even holding students accountable. Plus, learn how to use playlists to organise and assign training, and integrate with learning management systems.

Matt Fishbach Content Producer, Instructional Designer Aaron Quigley Education Content Manager, STEM teacher

Did you know?

You can download videos to view offline. See the Mobile and desktop apps page.

This might be useful if you are teaching offsite where network connectivity is patchy or non existent.