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Support for students

Support for students on campus

Issues with your account

  • If you can not log in to and other TAFE logins like the TAFE NSW Portal, visit the Customer Service Team at your local campus. Please note that only current TAFE NSW students and staff have access to
Technical issues
  • Please see the FAQs below. Library staff on campus may also be able to assist, but please note we cannot troubleshoot and support all devices. You are welcome to access via computers on campus
Navigation issues

Support for TAFE Digital students

  • For help with accounts and other issues, please contact your teacher or the Customer Services Team in the first instance. If you are near a TAFE NSW campus, Library and local Customer Services Team staff will be happy to help. 

Support for staff

Contact your Lynda Regional Staff Support Team for account and other issues.

Your local campus library can also help with navigation and minor technical issues.
You can also log a ServiceNow call.(Staff only).

All staff are welcome to join the User Group where you can network, collaborate and share experiences with your colleagues.

Library staff are also available to run training sessions for you and your students.


Alternative logins

Logging in via the TAFE NSW Portal

1. Log in to your TAFE NSW Portal using your TAFE NSW username and password.‚Äč

2. Students click on in the Resources and Information Links  box.


   Staff click on online training in the My Resources box.


Logging in via the website and apps

You have two supported options when clicking Sign In at

A) Enter your TAFE email address and click Continue

B) Click Sign in with your organization portal and enter your organisation's URL: 

Sign in with LinkedIn or username (It may be your email address) Need Help? Continue Sign in with your organization portal


At the next screen, enter your TAFE username and password.