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Searching and navigating from LinkedIn LIBRARY Adobe Illustrator

By hovering your mouse over LIBRARY in the top bar, you can browse content by broad subject, subject topics + software and learning paths associated with that subject.

Alternatively, you can search for your keywords e.g. Adobe Illustrator.

Once at the search result page, a list to your left allows you to limit your search using filter categories such as:

  • Types (Playlists, learning paths, courses and videos)
  • Skills level (Beginner, intermediate, advanced and appropriate for all)
  • Duration (Less than 10 min, less than 30 min and less than 1 hour)
  • Subjects (A list of related subjects is provided)
  • Software

For more information on how to serarch view the following video chapter: videos via TAFEcat

You can search for courses in the TAFE NSW Library catalogue.

Sharing, linking and embedding of videos and courses

Share this video LinkedIn icon Facebook icon Twitter icon Share this video within your organization URL Copy Share this course within your organization URL Copy Embed this video Video: Using video player controls URL Copy



You can share links to videos and courses using the Share option. Click the Share button above the video or course you wish to share and Copy the link provided for the video or the course.

You can also embed videos into a PowerPoint presentation or in a Learning Management System (LMS). Copy the code provided under Embed this video.


Learning paths

Learning paths are playlists created by to bring together videos covering a range of skills needed to succeed in a variety of roles. A certificate of completion is awarded when a learning path is finished.

Learning paths Become a Manager Become a Project Coordinator Become a Digital Illustrator Become a Project Coordinator

The video below shows you how to explore and use the learning paths.

For a list of all learning paths click the following link:

Creating and sharing playlists

You can create playlists of Lynda courses or videos to watch later or share with other TAFE NSW students or staff.

You can have just the one playlist if you wish that Lynda calls My Playlist plus you can also create separate playlists and give them names relating to your research or teaching.

How to create a playlist

When you find a video or course you want to add to a playlist, look for the Add to Playlist button:

+ Add to Playlist

When you select the button, you can either:

  • Add a video or course to a New playlist - name your playlist, add a description and select Save.
  • Choose to add it to My playlist, it will go into the list called My playlist
  • Add it to a playlist you have created previously

To view your playlist, select My Playlists from the sidebar or choose the option Playlists from the User drop-down list at the top bar. 

The following articles explain how to:

Curated playlists experts have curated playlists to help you get started in any of our subjects.These playlists are available via the playlist center or will appear in the search results as a filter option when searching for related topics.

How to share a playlist

In order to share playlists you need to click Make public before clicking Share. Then click URL link and copy the link for someone within TAFE NSW

Edit playlist Watch playlist Copy playlist Make public Share Edit playlist Watch playlist Copy playlist Make private Share


When a course is completed, the person who is logged in will automatically get a Certificate of completion.

These certificates can be accessed via the User drop-down menu. A complete list of your certificates is available here. You can look at them, see when they were completed, print them out, or share them via social media or share the link to them.

Hi User Profile Playlists History Recommended Certificates Bookmarks Log out Certificate of Completion member PRINCE2 Fundamentals Updated 12/2016 Completed 02/2017 1h27m Project Management Institute Certificate No: 5738895F82F94A89AA4E22471BE8D6 PDUs : 1.25 * PMI Registered Education Provider #4101 from LinkedIn

Did you know?

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