Research help: Writing skills

Written assignments

What are the steps in writing an essay?

Refer back to the Research Skills process to ensure that the information you have gathered meets the definition of your task.

  • Formulate thesis statement

 Organise the notes you have taken into

  • Main topics and sub topics
  • Record details of all sources consulted

Draft the Introduction

  •  A general introductory statement which lays the groundwork for the essay

The Body of the essay

  • Each paragraph is composed of key points expanded into topic sentences
  • The first paragraph begins with a topic sentence which introduces supporting ideas and evidence in the form of citations from your research material
  • The second sentence should discuss your support, give examples and analyse the significance of the examples
  • The last sentence should draw conclusions and point to the next paragraph
  • Each paragraph should work together to prove your main idea

The conclusion

  • The conclusion reflects on what has been stated and proved
  • Briefly re-state key points to remind the reader of how well you have made your case
  • Finish with a statement that leaves a strong impression and point to further thought

Present the information in the format required

  • Write the first draft
  • Edit and check
  • Re-write and edit
  • Check spelling and grammatical expression
  • Complete the bibliography in Harvard format

Assess your areas of strength and difficulty for future reference.

Congratulate yourself on your achievement.

read&write for TAFE NSW students

read&write is a software program that provides reading, comprehension, writing and study skills support across multiple operating systems, web browsers and document formats (including Microsoft Office 365, Google files and PDFs). For more information read the instructions on the Technology for Learning LibGuide:

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