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Tips for searching the Internet

Search engines - make them work for you.

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Select the best keywords

Use advanced search options

Phrase searching – using quotation marks

Logic – using logical operators (Also known as Boolean operators)

Wildcards and truncation

Why can't I just Google

Search engines

Privacy search engines
Search engines that do not collect identifiable information such as IP adresses, location details and searches.

Google Scholar - Library links

You can set up Google Scholar so that it shows the full text articles available in TAFE NSW subscription eJournal databases.  A current TAFE username and password is required to access these articles.

Go to Settings in Google Scholar and click on Library links. Search for TAFE NSW and select TAFE NSW Libraries and click the Save button. You have to repeat this for every device you are using and cookies must be turned on to retain the settings.

Library databases - start your search here!

Try the library databases before searching the Internet. They have been selected for your research and contain credible information.

LinkedIn Learning

Using the Internet for research