Research help: Digital literacy

Digital literacy

What is digital literacy? Digital literacy can encompass a number of different skills including use of computers and other technological devices and a familiarity with the internet and social media.

Digital literacy also includes higher level competencies in content creation, data management, social collaboration and communication, and a learner’s ethical and social responsibilities in an online environment.

Think before you post!! 

How is ‘digital’ different? – It’s 'easily copied, instantly shared, easily edited and viewable by millions'.


Jack's story - Think before you link (2020)

Not everyone you meet online is who they say they are. Based on a true story, this short animation shows how foreign spies can use the professional and personal information you post online to identify and then target you.

Elements of digital citizenship

REP Respect your self & others Etiquette Access Law, Educate your self & connect with others Communication Literacy Commerce, Protect your self & others Rights & Responsibility Safety Health & Welfare


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