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This LibGuide supports the Bachelor of Information Technology (Network security).

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Australian Standards


Relevant standards included:

  • AS ISO/IEC 10116:2019 Information technology - Security techniques – Modes of operation for an n-bit block cipher
  • AS ISO/IEC 27004:2018 Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management - Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation 
  • AS ISO/IEC 10118.3:2019 IT Security techniques - Hash-functions - Dedicated hash-functions
  • AS/NZS 11801:2019 Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises
  • AS ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2019 Systems and software engineering - Software life cycle processes
  • AS ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020:2019 Software, systems and enterprise - Architecture processes
  • AS ISO/IEC/IEEE 42030:2019 Software, systems and enterprise - Architecture evaluation framework

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