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Phone: 994 20100

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Access to collections during COVID-19

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, only current students and staff are able to browse the collection. You can also ring ahead and ask us to locate and put aside an item for you for collection at the desk.

What can you borrow from us?

TAFE NSW students can borrow up to 10 items state-wide. At NS Libraries this includes: 


For how long?

Books, magazines and DVDs 2 weeks


Special reserve / High demand

2 hours up to 1 week       

Dependent on item


Textbooks purchased by section for nominated students

4 weeks up to 1 year        

Per section advice for item

Special loan periods and limits may apply for some items. Please check with your local library. Reference material is not for loan.

You can ask library staff to keep up to 5 items aside for you to collect within 3 working days.

Special borrowing conditions for staff can be found at the Teaching staff guide.

Borrowing rules

All libraries in TAFE NSW impose fines for late returns. You will be suspended from library services including borrowing from all TAFE libraries and room and computer bookings. Your results notices and testamurs will be blocked until all outstanding items are returned and any fines paid.

Conditions of use
When you use your TAFEcard to borrow items at NS Libraries, you agree to our conditions of use

Who can you borrow from?

As a current Northern Sydney TAFE student or staff member you can borrow from:

  • All TAFE NSW Libraries and most other TAFE libraries in Australia. You will need to present a validated copy of your current library record which you can obtain from any TAFE NSW Library

  • Charles Sturt University (only if you are studying a Degree course jointly with us and CSU)

Inter-Library Loan Request

What you need

Borrowing, reserving or renewing items in person

Your current TAFEcard

Reserving or renewing items online

The barcode number of your TAFEcard and your library PIN.

Get your PIN from the library in person, by phone or via sending us an email from your TAFE or mycordonbleu email account.

Renew your items or place holds

Place holds or renew your items online at My Account. Note: Items available for renewal can be renewed before midnight on the day they are due. Log in with your TAFEcard barcode and your library PIN. For more information contact your librarian. 


You can also renew your items or place items on hold by phone or in person. Please have your TAFEcard ready.

You can renew an item up to three times if no one else has reserved it. 

We will keep your hold items aside for up to 1 week.

Returning items

All NS Libraries have after-hours return chutes located outside the libraries.

Ryde, St Leonards and Northern Beaches Libraries: Accessible when the building is open. Buildings are locked overnight when the campus is shut.

Hornsby and Meadowbank: Return chutes accessible from outside the buildings 24/7.


You can return items to your nearest TAFE NSW Library. You may need to contact the library to check if return chutes are accessible outside of opening hours.


You must replace or pay for any items you damage or lose. If an item has been damaged, please contact library staff before you return it.