Accounting: Web resources

This guide covers Accounting and Bookkeeping courses.

Web resources

Google Scholar - Library links

You can set up Google Scholar so that it shows the full text articles available in TAFE NSW subscription eJournal databases.  A current TAFE username and password is required to access these articles.

Go to Settings in Google Scholar and click on Library links. Search for TAFE NSW and select TAFE NSW Libraries and click the Save button. You have to repeat this for every device you are using and cookies must be turned on to retain the settings.

Looking for credible information on accounting regulations or tax laws on the Internet?

The most common search that people do is to simply type the terms accounting regulations or tax law into Google or other search engines. Some of the first pages that come up in the result list are from Wikipedia. These pages will give you some ideas about the topic but will not score highly with your lecturer. Think about websites that provide reliable information on  the topic. Websites from the Australian government or professional organisations should be the first choice.

Try site searches – searching within specific domains e.g.

accounting regulations

and enclosing your terms in quotation marks

“Tax law”

Try other key words e.g. accounting principles, accounting guidelinestax legislation, etc.

Make sure the information on the website is up to date. Check the copyright date or last updated.

Go to the research help guide for more smart searching tips and tricks.