3D printing and scanning: Policies & copyright

NSI Libraries 3D printing and scanning policy

The Northern Sydney Library's 3D printer and scanners are available to The Northern Sydney students, faculty and staff to scan objects or print three-dimensional objects in plastic (ABS) under supervision and guidance from Library staff.

  1. The  NS’s 3D printers and scanners may be used only for lawful purposes. No one will be permitted to use the Library’s 3D printer or scanners to create or scan material that is:
    1. Prohibited by Australian law.
    2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others. (Such use may violate the terms of use of the manufacturer.)
    3. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment.
    4. In violation of another’s intellectual property rights. For example, the printer will not be used to reproduce material subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
  2. All print submissions and scanner requests are subject to approval based on scheduling and availability. The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print or scan requests for any reason. All print submissions must be made in person.
  3. Cost: 3D scanning is free. 3D printing for personal projects is on a printing medium, cost recovery base; currently set at 49c per cubic cm. Library staff will be able to calculate the cost for you from your file. Payment is via credit on your TAFEcard through the ePrint and park system. You will need to show the receipt to have your job printed.
  4. Teaching section projects are costed on a full cost recovery basis. Please discuss such projects with Library staff.
  5. Refunds: Refunds will be made for printer faults/failures. Design faults and scaling mistakes  will not be refunded.
  6. Items printed on the 3D printers may have small surface defects, such as bumps or holes. Also note that while the printers are very accurate, we will not guarantee any precise tolerances on fitting of multi-part objects. There is no refund in these cases.
  7. The Library cannot guarantee a print/clean time, however we may be able to provide an estimate based upon the print queue length.
  8. Items printed from the Library 3D printer not picked up within 14 days after being printed become the property of the Library, at the Library's discretion. Items must be picked up by the individual who printed them, providing valid TAFECard ID.
  9. Some objects (such as those with steep overhangs) require temporary support material to be printed. This material is easily removable. Items will be washed in the agitator; however the user will be completely responsible for removing any remaining material.
  10. Only designated Library staff will have hands-on access to the 3D printer and scanners.


Policy date: August, 2016

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