3D printing and scanning: 3D Scanner

HP Sprout Pro - technology to inspire

The HP Sprout Pro allows you to scan 2D and 3D objects, easily manipulate graphics, record and collaborate. HP Sprouts are available at St Leonards and Meadowbank  Libraries.
It's free! You just
need your TAFE username and password.

Come in and have a play today!

3D scanning on the Sprout

The 3D scan function allows users to capture an object on the touch mat or with capture stage, such an existing object or clay model, then print it out with a 3D printer.


1. Grab a physical object and scan it in 3D on the rotating stage. 2. Mash the scanned 3D digital objects by resizing or adding your own design. 3.Print your customized creation on our 3D printer.

Source: Sprout : a revolutionary way to create (2017). Retrieved February 2017 from http://www8.hp.com/au/en/sprout/3d.html.

2D scanning on the Sprout

2D scan function allows users to capture an image then pull it down on the Touch Mat for further editing or designing.

1. Place an item or picture on the touch mat and scan it with 2D camera capture. 2. Drag the scanned item image onto the touch mat, then use the tools to move, resize, crop and create shapes. 3.Manipulate the scanned images  to create a new work of art.  

Record and collaborate on the Sprout

Video capture
Quickly record and edit videos. Three built-in-recording devices: the webcam records you and your voice, the touch mat camera records your hands and any activity on the mat, and the monitor display can also be recorded.
The multi-camera setup can also be used as a collaboration tool with the free MyRoom app.You can work together on projects in real-time, sharing your screen and talking directly with others. The other users don't have to have a HP Sprout.

Sprout locations

TAFE students and staff can pop into one of the libraries listed below for a demonstration:

  • Meadowbank 9942 3720
  • St Leonards 9942 0918